Ultimately, a percussionist’s instrument, whether it is an Ashiko or contemporary drum kit, is an extension of his/her being. Total control over the sound a percussion instrument produces has been a dream to most ‘drummers’, and percussionists alike, until now.

STEPHEN LITTLE HAND CRAFTED DRUMS couples 21st Century Engineering CAD Design with a coopering technique depicted in the tomb of Hesy-re, Eygpt, around 2690 BC, to yield truly ‘One-Off’ handcrafted drums.

My company employs a construction technique, built on from drum builders all around the world. Aside from the cosmetic appeal, Stave and Segmented drums create a sound which is all their own. The unlimited combination of exotic woods from around the globe allows the construction of a drum with a sound that is un-attainable in the conventional ply method of the mass production world. A full, warm bodied tone, with a versatile tuning range is only a small group of characteristics guaranteed in my drums. A seemingly endless list of drum diameters, depths, shell thickness and wood combinations, allows a client to specify exactly what they want.

Looking for that little extra? In house constructed hardwood hoops may be just the answer. Constructed from woods to compliment your shell, a segmented wooden hoop will create a sound unsurpassed.